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College Back in Session for Gamecocks

College is back in session for Gamecock students. It is that time a year again when college classes start back up and finding quick and easy food is a necessity. It can be hard to figure out where to eat Columbia SC, especially when you are a new college student.  Along with finding out where to eat in Columbia you want a spot where you have an option to get great casual food.

The Main Street Public House is a new casual restaurant in Columbia that is great for both new and returning college students in downtown Columbia. The menu items are made fresh on site and utilizing local purveyors whenever possible.

If you are looking for pizza in Columbia, the Main Street Public House has a pizza for everyone.  Each pizza is cooked in our custom brick pizza oven with fresh ingredients. Our Pizzas are 10-inch pizzas and only $10 each. While you could split one of our pizzas you will more often than none discover they are too good to share.

The atmosphere of the Main Street Public House is described as inviting, warm and rustic.  Along with great food, the night life at Main Street Public House is second to none with live Jazz, local DJ’s and regional music acts throughout the week.  Knowing where to eat in Columbia can be a challenge so we are here to make that process a bit easier by providing you another casual option with great pizza on Main Street.

Go Gamecocks!